What is Para Fit Boot Camp Ltd?

Para - noun, informal.  Paratrooper.  Elite soldier that reaches the battlefield by parachute.  The word 'parachute' comes from the French word 'chute' meaning 'fall' with the Latin 'para' meaning 'prepare for'.  So... 'Para' also means be prepared for.

Fit - adjective.  In good physical condition. It is widely held that there are 5 components of physical fitness: Muscular Strength, Muscular Endurance, Cardiovascular Endurance, Flexibility and Body Composition.  We cover all 5.


Boot Camp - noun. Basic training.  Modern usage covers group fitness sessions that are instructor lead and challenging by definition.

Group Session Timetable


 1745-1845hrs Boot Camp

 1900-2000hrs Lads Strength & Conditioning

 1745-1845hrs Hoplites Running Club

 1745-1845hrs Boot Camp

 1900-2000hrs Spartan


 1745-1845hrs Core Conditioning

 1900-2000hrs Lads Strength & Conditioning


 1745-1845hrs Boot Camp

 1900-2000hrs Spartan Foundation

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 Where are we located?

LL57 2RQ

We are located at:

The Bunker,

Unit 3 Treborth Business Park,


LL57 2NX

If you are using a satnav please use the postcode LL57 2RQ which takes you to Ceris Newydd Care Home.  We're 100m further down the road!
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