Hire The Bunker

Hire our fully-equipped PT studio for £5/hr*


The Bunker is fully kitted-out:

Power Racks x 3

Functional Training Rig

TRX x 3

Trap Bar

Prowler Sled

Strongman Logs x 3 (20, 50, 70kg)

Atlas Stone

Slam Balls (x5)

Plyo Boxes (x8)

Barbells (7ft and 6ft)

Bumper Plates (340kg)

Olympic Weights (350kg)

Mats (25+)

Kettlebells (4-26kg)

Ab Rollers, Swiss Balls, Dumbbells, etc etc.


It would ideally suit Personal Trainers with small numbers of clients wishing to avoid overheads associated with running their own premises.


Contact us if interested, as availability drops quickly!